Macron v Le Pen: Manifesto Link

A useful site, where one can home-in on any subject within the manifesto… absolutely fascinating…

EDIT: My vote goes to the one who plans to abolish the TV license payment… hurrah.

You are easily bought @stella!


Have you checked out their manifesto bumpf in the link??? Even my OH is fascinated by it all…

Hi Stella, and sorry to post out of topic - thanks for your response and thanks yesterday on the 2022 tax thread, I went to post my 2021 info on the thread, but can’t do more than three posts in a row evidently, so I edited my reply to you to include it, now realise you probably won’t be aware it was updated. Would welcome your thoughts… ps on searching for you see you are quite proficient on the tax return front!

Regards larkswood.

Noooo somebody put farage in a cupboard and lock it, urgh that gurning frogfaced slimeball gives me the dry boak.