Macron V Le Pen

So I guess that will become a topic of continuing and varying interest if only because the outcome will affect us all one way or the other.
For those who are interested or even worried see on BBC2 a 10 minute item towards the end of Newsnight reporting from Paris yesterday 23/03, incl short interview with her.
Sets out playing field very well, worth watching if French politics are of interest.

I agree John, of great interest for those of us who live here in France, but can you explain to one who is totally ticked off with repeated exhortations to continue watching, at the end of every serial episode, on the BBC Iplayer while completely failing to say when the next episode is on the actual telly, how do we get access to IPlayer in France? Please. :slightly_smiling_face:

I fear it might be a bit technical for me, maybe even not legal? :astonished:

You need a VPN (which is legal), virtual private network. Very easy to set up and lots available but around 50€ a year.

With your VPN your location is not France, so you can browse all sorts of sites that are geographically restricted. Then it is between you and your conscience…

And I really can’t face debating Macron v Le Pen for a year! Much more important other French news to follow before then…


VPNs are, indeed, perfectly legal. Watching iPlayer without paying a TV licence is probably not legal though - but if you don’t tell them I doubt anyone on SF will :wink:


Thank you both, though I am not sure what conscience has to do with it if it is legal, Jane. As to TV licence non-payment, Paul, surely that is only for watching a TV programme, by any means, in the UK? Hence the detector vans. Do they still roam? :roll_eyes:

I will look into VPN then, as my conscience is clear. :innocent:

The fabled TV detector vans don’t roam as there’s zero evidence that they actually existed. BBC propaganda.

Technically, you could detect the raster/fly back pulse of an old cathode ray tube TV with a directional antenna and an oscilloscope, but you’ve got 2 hopes of detecting a modern LED TV.

  1. Bob Hope
  2. No hope.

Proving that you’re watching iPlayer would require them to be able to monitor your home WiFi or internet connection. Good luck getting a Home Office warrant to do that.

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I think you’re right about that Guy.
The TV watching model in those days was mainly renting a TV set which alerted the people responsible to the existence of a set in the premises. It didn’t take Sherlock Holmes to match the entries between the records to find a gap and then “go on the knock”.

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I saw one as a young person…

No, covers iPlayer as well these days.

If they worked at all it was supposed to be by looking at the tuner IF. But the odds were that Graham is right and the vans were simply sent to addresses that had no licence and the occupants thereof merely detected the presence of an aerial with a suitably calibrated Mk1 eyeball.

Well they could demonstrate that a certain IP address was connected and video was being sent to that IP address. It would then be possible to trace that to the Uk end of the VPN, from there to the connected French IP address and then to your Internet subscription. Yes, it would take more than one warrant and chasing across international boundaries. I agree very unlikely to happen, especially now we’ve shat the bed as far as our relationship with the EU goes.

Best thread drift ever


All very interesting but reminds me of when we first came here. Firstly we could get a grainy image on one channel, I forget which, but no sound.

Then I seem to remember having a free card, Sky I think, but wasn’t supposed to be used outside of UK. The general opinion was that it was ignored as long as they (?) weren’t aware of it, and I have a memory of a friend having a problem and ringing the help line and unwittingly giving away his address. Whereupon the card was immediately cancelled.

My friend has no memory of such a thing happening, so maybe it’s me…or him. :laughing:

At least we won’t have to discuss Le Pen.

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perhaps the OP might like to change the thread title to Azincourt waves it fingers at the BBC :slightly_smiling_face:

The next 12 months is going to be politically occupied with Macron…and maybe plus someone else standing up against Le Pen.

Suggest you search for info’ on Freesat on this site and think about getting a Humax recorder box which will enable you to watch recorded programmes which is how i watch programmes later on, eg the Macron item …good for watching items on excellent France 24

Yeah but…Le Pen might campaign on a mandate to insist that French residents only watch French TV. And then this will be hugely relevant. It will be like ‘Allo Allo with all the brave Brits joining the (TV watching) resistance.


Yes it is, isn’t it, always good for a wide range of views, so, long may it continue. :joy:

@strudball Suggest you search Freesat on this site and think about getting a Humax recorder box which will enable you to watch recorded programmes over Freesat which is how I watched the Macron item on Newsnight and also stuff on the excellent France24.

Yes, John, I have one of those but it packed in working properly just after the warranty ran out. Still wouldn’t let me watch iPlayer though, would it? Trouble also was, and this of course was my fault, I went mad and recorded everything and ended up watching nothing. :astonished: :laughing:

:laughing: :laughing:

Said tongue in cheek i hope !

No, It has nothing to do with the iplayer…I used to use iplayer in UK…(and still have a UK licence,) and Sky, but now like the convenience and simplicity, (much better than Sky boxes) of freesat.