Macron vs Boris

Both were on TV today trying to justify themselves.

So between them, who is the worse of the worse ?

Boris or Macron ?

Be polite in this debate…every one is in entitled to thier opinion. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would rather have Macron in charge.


Boris is a habitual liar, philanderer, cheat and narcisist. Could Macron’s negative characteristics trump that (pun may be taken as you wish)?


We met a elderly French woman in a car park in a small Sussex town a few years back (she spotted our French reg car and came for a chat) that claimed to be friends with one of Boris’s ex wives. She said he was a bit handy with his fists.

I don’t know if she was telling the truth or making it up or whatever.

Im entering that into the debate.

Macron is flawed but seems to be committed to improving his country.

Johnson’s only desire appears to be to enrich himself at the expense of others, regardless of the damage done.


Johnson is a clown but he has a popular appeal that Macron could only dream of, that may be okay if you were just the leader of the Parish Council but being a clown is a disaster for running one of the biggest economies in the world.

I’m right behind Macron in what he is trying to achieve but I just think he’s not convinced the general public that this will be good for the country in the long term and the more he simply says ‘I’m not backing down’ the longer the protests will go on for.


Neither care about their electorates or their country. It is about them.

They are the same.

They may both have flaws (who doesn’t) but it is on a completely different level.


I disagree very strongly. I think that Johnson is a complete opportunist and always has been, and Macron is not. I haven’t however met Macron in person.


I’m with @vero and @Mat_Davies, there is absolutely nothing to compare other than that they are/were elected leaders.

Macron is intelligent and unusually frank and measured. He may have faults but being an ineffectual and disingenuous leader of a gullible electorate is not one of them.

Johnson is a self aggrandising buffoon who manoeuvred his way into power using theatrical smoke and mirrors. His democratic election, more than once, says more about the British electorate than they might admit.


I think we all being too Britiish about this……living in France…clouding our judgement. We have to support the president of France. Uk is bad France is good. Cause we live here.

Apart from Vero…. who… I guess is French and adds partiality to the debate.

It is very easy to jump up and down with the UK bandwagonesque against Boris…and I do agree he is a lowlife. The whole family are lowlife’s.

But I do think that Macron is an equal to those lowlifes

France is in a worse state than the UK….and Borris is not in charge.

I have seen my French family turn big style against Macron.

He is seen as evil….and it has nothing to do with pensions.

I think we can close the thread now, people have given their opinions, you’ve given your opinion, job done. :white_check_mark:


Are you using the 49-3 to stop the debate :grinning:


Isn’t that Stanley, his father?

Not everyone here lives in France, and at least some of us don’t view things as UK= broken, France = paradise. Neither men are fools despite what some would say, but they are very different, almost incomparably so.

I have a suspicion that many of France’s troubles are self-inflicted, while many of the UK’s problems stem from a mix of self-seeking and political stance by one party, dogma and lack of accountability by the other.


Both men are intelligent and elitists. Both men are too distant from the normal population. Both men have different vested interests tugging at a certain part of their anatomy.

The pivotal issue for me is that Macron apologised for getting things wrong at the start of Covid. Johnson never has.

So I’m with Macron.

And he wears his trousers at the correct length.


Starting a thread asking for thoughts when really you just want to give people your view seems rather like the forum equivalent of 49-3 to me :wink::sweat_smile:


Nooooo….there is still millage.

Two of my kids are off school tomorrow. Which they are very happy about.

Me not so much.

Here we go again, juggle juggle juggle.

Does not work well for pensions Or there education.

But hay, our bins have been collected.

Apologies AM, I expect it’s no secret I do. :grin:

Otherwise, I agree with the rest of what you have said, and @JaneJones.

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No need to apologise Susannah, you put your dwelling where your mouth is. But you also have the grace not to keep referring to 'plague island '.

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