Macron wins - hurrah!

Here at SF Towers, we are pretty delighted with the result. And I suspect many of our Survive France readership will feel the same.
With his promise to “fight the forces of division that undermine France” and his liberal, pro-business and pro-EU stance, Macron seems to me to offer the best approach to the problems currently facing France.
I’m impressed that France has chosen inclusion over exclusion, so hopefully it will be a case of bye bye hatred and hello future.
I can’t help but be optimistic but perhaps I’m being naive? What do you think?


It reminds me of 1997 when a young charismatic Tony Blair came to power with Things Can Only Get Better. I think he is ruthless in pursuit of what he wants, how that works out for France remains to be seen. I feel uneasy that his unelected wife intends to play an active role in education reform hmmmm.

Poppy she was a teacher!

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Will the unions let him?
He wants to put 10,000 more gendarmes on the street.
Will they support the rest of them who allowed striking workers erect an illegal barricade of burning tyres on the road out of Calais and stood by with arms folded?
Will they allow striking Air France workers to pursue their boss so he had to scramble over a tall fence to escape?
I wish him well and we were talking with our french friends this morning who want him to do well, but are not hopeful.

I know lots of teachers, doctors, etc who I wouldn’t want deciding policy on education or health!!!

Agree…been watching him since he started over a year ago, and believe his ideals for France are just the ticket at the moment. The team he selects will be critical to his success. Out with the old and in with the new, but I do hope he retains some experienced people within. A lot of people will be waiting for him to trip over, probably something everso simple…

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I suppose, given the alternative, we have to be pleased that Macron won. However he is very like a young Tony Blair in that he has embraced discredited liberal economic policies that will see France join the race to the economic cliff edge. Unfortunately, if he is given free reign we will see the culture of France change irrevocably.

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Macron and En Marche. This is what to expect. -

He a committed European, who supports the idea of a central EU government. Although he and his wife have said they love Britain, he has also stated he supports a hard Brexit, and and the Brexit bill, and there will be no concessions from the French. The one thing i find strange, is that at this moment he is arguably the most powerful politician in Europe. He holds the future of Europe in his hands, and could use that to make huge changes in the EU to everyone’s benefit, including keeping Britain in the EU under the right circumstances. The other EU leaders are well aware that he could destroy the EU very quickly, but he is far more likely to change it, IF he has the courage to do so. Somehow i doubt it, especially as he is so close to Merkel. It is unlikely he will do Britain any favours, or foreigners who live in France.

A teacher of drama. Just what France needs more of.

… and do you know her personally?

… and he should do Britain favors, why??? Britain decided to exit the EU. Are you suggesting that they be allowed all of the benefits of the EU but none of the regulations or costs? There will most like be a hard Brexit. Didn’t anyone think of that before opting out?

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Harriet, did i actually say he should do Britain any favours, or we should receive preferential treatment ? NO. If he likes Britain so much, why is he so determined to back the fine the EU wants to levy, and back anything and everything Merkel wants, despite saying he does’nt agree with everything she says. As for costs, do you actually believe that Britain should pay a fine. Because that is what it amounts to, no matter what the EU says. They forget that Britain OWNS the third largest share in the EU. That includes buildings, bank accounts, investments, pension schemes, and everything else that has been built up since our politicians joined the EU, and prior to that when we joined the EEC, when the public at least had a vote in ratifying our membership. If that is taken into account, the EU will owe Britain a fortune. I’m not suggesting that we should claim it, i’m simply stating a fact, that the other EU countries are conveniently forgetting. As for leaving the EU. If the EU countries, especially the founder nations, did’nt like the terms of the Lisbon Treaty, they should’nt have signed it. The terms work both ways. If the EU want to invent penalty clauses, there is nothing to stop Britain claiming massive compensation for their investment. Legally i mighty add. The whole negotiation process is a joke. The remaining EU countries, simply want to use Britain as an example, of what will happen if anyone else decides to leave. Politics and diplomacy don’t seem to figure very widely in any of the negotiations. They are like a large group of children in a play ground. The EU have also left democracy on the sidelines. It matters not whether we agree or disagree with Brexit. The fact is, it is the result of a democratic vote. The EU and many of us don’t like it. The difference is that the EU don’t like democracy either, which is why the joint EU presidents, are pressing for a shorter timeline for much greater political integration, and a single EU government. Something that was leaked very soon after Brexit was announced, but virtually ignored by the main stream media, and just about everyone else.

Better that than the drama queen May…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Britain is not going to be fined for leaving the EU. The cost will be to compensate for future projects that the UK had already committed to.


That is precisely what the EU leaders will have you believe. So you carry on believing it if you like.

How very constructive of you. The number of reasons that Britain should leave, are as many and varied as the reasons for staying. However, as long as the following are part and parcel of the EU, you can keep it.
‘The Advocate General of the European Court of Justice gave it as his formal opinion
in case C274/99P that “Criticism of the EU is akin to blasphemy and could be restricted without violating
freedom of speech”. Other senior figures in Europe have likened criticism to ‘terrorism’.’

Err… because it’s true. You are free to have your beliefs, I do not share them.