Magazine Apps

Please forgive if I’ve posted in the wrong place- it’s my first time here!
Does anyone have a recommendation/advice on choosing an app that will let you read a range of English and French magazines on your tablet for a monthly fee? I started with Readly a while back, but they have had most of their French content pulled. Instead, I’m looking at LeKiosk, which lets you change country/language and carries our French local daily paper, although there are some favourite English mags which I can’t get (not to mention, The Beano!)
Has anyone found anything else?
Many thanks

Google News (includes Newsstand)

Most French newpapers/magazines have their online site and I read a wide selection. (somewhere in the following links, there must be something about an App… you are more upbeat than I am… I don’t have anything so modern…:roll_eyes::relaxed: )

Paris Match is a hangover from my days in UK when I would buy the occasional magazine and spend ages translating it… :relaxed:

However, the moment I want to read something that requires subscribing/paying… the miser in me takes over and I move on to the next free article

Texture is a great app that allows you to read a wide range of magazines in English and French (Canadian) for a monthly fee.