Magnetic Horse Rug & Leg Wraps

Hi, I've been lurking for a while on this Group as I want to learn more about horses so I thought I'd better introduce myself at last.

I have been an Agent selling magnetic therapy products in France for just over a year and over 5 years in UK before that. The Owner of Brodpod is the orignal inventor of the Bioflow magnets. I understand that the Bioflow horse rug has now been discontinued. Please get in touch with me if you are interested in magnetic therapy for your horses. The Brodpod products are now available in France from me and in fact the horse rug has just been reduced in price.

I wish to exhibit at various shows in and around the Charente so I'd be very grateful if you could please contact me if you know of any horse and/or dog shows that are coming up.

You're welcome! x

oops, sorry, thanks Catherine xx

Hi Vanessa

I edited your post (rather than deleting as I'm feeling kind this morning!!) before Mr H spotted it as no commercial links are allowed - other than on your own page. So you're free to list your site there and just direct people to your page. Cx