Main house, two 3* gites, development potential, garden

So you’ve not got viewings rather than people visiting and not following through? Which means something about your agents or your offer is not working rather than the place not living up to expectations? Have your agents given you no advice about why they are not managing to find potential buyers?

I don’t understand why you don’t just put the asking price, should you really have to work it out!

Not at all, there’s no secret that its on the market for 525,000€

What about Ebay. I admit to knowing very little about it but remember reading some time ago whereby a seller had puthis house in France on there and been inundated with enquiries.

Ebay or LeBonCoin?

I’m on Le Bon Coin, it hasnt produced a single enquiry in the last few weeks.

I’m not a fan of Ebay and not sure it’s pertinent for house sales?


I have no idea but this person had used the site. Lebon Coin is by far the most popular site for selling and buying locally but with the price of your property, it maybe only of interest to a certain group of people with that sort of income to afford the mortgage and not elderly who usually downsize once retirement hits them. I’m afraid that also there is a start of the property boom downturn as the cost of living hits and people rethink their plans and start to economise.

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Perhaps a rethink?
What you need and what you can get is often poles appart. If you are not getting viewings it isnt rocket science, everyone loves a bargain.
I fully understand how positive you feel about the attributes of your property but that is heavily coated with sentiment which potential purchasers dont have, they just want a good deal.

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I know you want/need to sell asap but if this drags on perhaps think about these sorts of events?

Maybe for a small fee an individual can get a tiny stand to sell direct?

I presume you have done your research on what properties have sold for in the area, and what is on offer at the moment, so you know your price is not outside the range?

If so, and you are not getting viewing from any of the agents you have used then there is something about the presentation that is not attracting people. The usual advice is to take it off the market, restyle it and do new photos, and put it back on again. And looking again at what you posted the photos could be improved a lot with a bit of decluttering, styling and better lit photos. Admittedly most french properties are presented as is with no styling ( not even picking up dirty washing in one house we looked at on line! ). But if you want yours to stand out it might be worth it.


We had 3 independent valuations done, 2 came in at exactly the same range and one slightly under.

Taking into account the market conditions (the Ukraine war was just warming up as we went onto the market), we took advice to go for the lower evaluation and that made sense.

We have had half a dozen other agents visit since and their opinion is the same, that the price is correct.

So we had reason to believe that it was not a problem. And clearly, properties that are mid range or higher value, depending on your viewpoint (we are far from being at the top end in this area!) are going to suffer first in a difficult market.

But, given the range we are in, will ‘shaving it down’ make a huge amount of difference? We are willing to consider it, as we are willing to consider any lower offer that potential purchasers are free to submit to us.

But I’m not convinced that advertising it at 25k less will make that much difference to people in this budget range. And we certainly can’t take off 100k, we would just have to sit it out and wait.

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We too seem to have have missed the boat on getting a quick sale with the Covid situation as most people that wanted to move to a less populated area have probably done so by now. With the state of everything being financially unstable for many people, I fear it will be quite a while before folks will feel they are able to make the move to relocate. We have decided to stay put for the winter in the hope that the Spring will bring better opportunities.

At least you are not alone in this sluggish market so it is probably not the price or the property, just the global uncertainty.

Is this in France or UK? Market is very active where we are in 33.

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