Maine coons et British Shorthair amongst the 13 cats taken

Last week, after working with the Police and Mairie, Chats du Quercy took in a group of 13 adorable cats from a couple who simply had become overwhelmed by their ever growing cat population!

It is a sad case, but one all too often heard. The cats are adorable, very sociable and attractive, now all FIV/FeLV negative, Neutered, microchipped and vaccinated, and looking forward to a more secure future. Here are just a few and you'll find more photos on our website

Eliana née 12.10.2009 femelle tigrée et blanche à poil mi-long numéro d'identification 250268710284405
Gladys née 25.4.2010 femelle marron et blanche à poil long croisée maine coon/british numéro d'identification 250268710285790

George né 8.4.2011 male silver tigré et blanc croisé maine coon numéro d'identification 250268730098883

Fantasio né 29.4.2010 male chocolat british shorthair numéro d'identification 250269801590282
Fame née 20.6.2010 femelle Silver black tigrée croisée maine coon numéro d'identification 250268710285960