Mains Drinking Water Supplies

Possibility of encouraging folk to be frugal with mains water, by increasing the cost over a certain set limit… thus, the more one uses over and above, the more one will pay…
Seems reasonable …

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Install reed beds and recycle grey water?

Or go a bit further…

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Stella, utterly unreasonable in my view!

The article that you posted mentioned that only 0.3% of waste water is treated.
Obviously more water needed to be treated and recycled.
Possibly more reservoirs constructed.

As usual the fat cat water bosses would rather the consumer pay more than for them to invest.

Is that the same in France though Nigel?

I reckon many folk are already considering ways and mean of better using water supplies… as drought and/or restrictions might well become daily life.

Personally, I shall look at how much “drinking water” I use for other purposes and keep that to a minimum. Also how I might be able to re-use some “grey” water rather than simply letting it all go down the drain…

(and the bucket in the shower is already working well for us, as we use the handheld, directly into the bucket until it runs warm/hot. No more wasting that lot down the drain.)


Thoroughly agree. We were having a conversation this morning about if/when we redo our kitchen installing a grey water tank.
I’ve never understood the merits of a fosse toutes eaux (which unfortunately we have) , which to my mind just dilutes the efficiency of the bacterial activity.

would that be approved by SAUR in France?

Fat lot of use trying that in this house when the various aides de toilette insist on putting the shower head on the floor of the shower and switching it on before even manoeuvering Fran into it, and that takes 5 to 10 minutes. I did manage to get them to improve a little by telling them that, due to lack of space, we only have a 30 litre hot tank and they would very soon be showering her in cold water. :astonished:

Add to that their total inability to put recyclable paper etc in the recycle bag next to the rubbish bin. Everything goes into the rubbish. :roll_eyes:

Otherwise they are brilliant at what they do for her/us. :neutral_face:

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I dont believe I would tell them Graham, Saur dont make water and if you are recycling your own it has nowt to do with them.

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all well and good until they carry out their next mandatory inspection…

I’m thinking that SAUR (and Others) will only worry about what is possibly going to pollute the underground waterways…
Thus if one diverts the water from the washing machine and/or the shower… to use for flushing the loo… and then the loo goes to the sewer/septic tank … no probs surely.