Mains water pressure reducer

Hi, we have had to have a new water main into our building. It is 32mm plastic mdpe. I have a fitting to take it to 20mm mono couche pipe. I need to fit a pressure reducer before it reaches the house pipe works. We are on a hard water area, what is the best type to fit? I have had a look online and the choices are overwhelming. Any advice or experience gladly accepted

What does the water company’s side of the installation look like?

My SAUR installation goes (from their side to mine): stop valve > meter > anti return valve > pressure reduction valve > stop valve > 25mm polypropylene pipe to my house.

The green plastic item is the water company’s anti-tamper device.

The output of the water meter is 3/4” or 20-27mm as are all the fitting on my side.

Hi in the new manhole it has the on/off valve, check valve and meter, all in 32mm which goes underground into the cave. I can get from 32-20mm ok. But do need to have another on/off valve(easy), and a pressure reducer that can withstand hard water and come down to 3bar.
The Marie have said it is up to me to provide, bu will not give any guidance, other than use an artisan. Which is good advice, however they are so busy nobody will even look at the job let alone do it. I wish they had installed as per your picture, thanks for the reply

The meter is last part that my water company provided. As your Mairie stated, the rest of it is up to you to provide.

The shiny new parts at the top of the photo are there because I had to replace the ancient, seized pressure reduction valve and a clogged anti-return valve after water flow dropped to a trickle over several months.

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Hi this a pic of the manhole it serves four plots/houses. What pressure reducer did you fit?

Is it a new built house? If not you will most likely have a pressure reducer in line, maybe just before the hot water tank or in the cellar. If not pop along to a plumbing supply depot and they’ll fix you up with whzt you need, they are very easy to fit.


That looks like a small dia pipe supplying that 4 dwelling manifold.

Seen that here a few times, two of our supplies that was for the main dairy farm and mill are that size, but at 7 bar it must have been able to supply more than enough water.
The farm has a pump system from a large well but I think that was only used for the field water cannons.

Look closer.
Zoom in and you will see it is a 32mm feed.
The eye looks at the stop tap first giving the impression of a small bore pipe .
Should have gone to specsavers :rofl::rofl:

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I did! It maybe the 32mm feed is partially burried so looking even smaller. Low res image wouldnt let me zoom much without the image getting fuzzy.

Here you are.

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I took the one my local plumber’s merchant recommended when I told him the incoming pressure and the layout of my property (number of buildings/bathrooms etc).

I think it was €50 including the pressure gauge.