Making Tiramisu in France

Hi all, I am wanting to make Tiramisu but usually that requires sponge fingers. What would be the equivalent product in France - I’m getting frustrated with my vain searches.

I can’t think what they are called, but they are sale in all the supermarkets in the biscuit section. They look just like boudoir biscuits. Some are more delicious than others Rose Biscuits de Rheims (and the price is more of course).

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Biscuits à la cuillère is what you want I think - found at all supermarkets.


You’ve not been around for a while Frances. Last time we heard from you, you were having to return to New Zealand. Are you back in France permanently? If so, how lovely for you.

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Well done Mandy

Bonne Maman are much nicer than the bog-standard ones :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I love this man’s recipes

Sorry to hijack your post Frances but I wonder, Stella, if you are a Delia Smith fan like me. If so then a lot of her old series have been put on youtube in the last year or so. Here’s the most recent one and there have been lots of others uploaded by the same person.

Great memories. Perfect for winter evenings.

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Cheers Mandy - yes, I’ve got all her books and enjoy them as much as a good “who-dunnit” :hugs:

Back to Tiramisu - if you don’t want to add the alcohol - it doesn’t matter.

Hi Mandy, alas I am back for a 3 month only stint but making the most of it, that’s for sure. Truly miss France still.


Oh that’s a shame. I know how much you love it and followed your story in the past. Really hope you can find a way to return.

@Frances_Harrison … I reckon we shall need a photo of your Tiramisu if you do get around to doing it… and a description of how delicious it tastes, will have us drooling… :wink::upside_down_face::hugs:

Brossard biscuits à la cuiller pâtisserie (boudoirs only better) are better than the Bonne Maman ones for tiramisu.

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These might be the ones we christened “moonbeams” when I produced a dessert of fromage blanc whipped with cointreau and we dipped the “moonbeams” into the delicious concoction. oh, that was yummy :hugs: