Man and ......van? Lorry?

Once again I am relying on James and Catherine to steer this to the best posssible place!

We need to move a houseful of furniture to Portugal, is there anyone out there with a big enough lorry who feels like doing this? We have, very , roughly calculated about40M3, to include a piano, a huge dresser, and 2 electric beds( no not the latest version of the letric chair!!) We have people who will help load this end, we will pack everything, and people to help unload at the other end, we just need the transport. any one interested or know anyone who might be??

It would be good for us to know this is organised, one less thing to carry around in opur heads! The lists of lists are getting out of control.

How about trying We used this website to find someone to move some of our stuff from the Dordogne to England last year. It was very efficient!

We eventually chose Riviera Removals from the site, who did a great job for us.

I sent you a friend request here on SFN so that I could send contact details privately. I will email at your adress above.

Anglo French Removals for me, they did a job for me last year and were superb and at a very competitive rate. Check them out on

Hi Mark, have sent you a friend request, so we can talk on the pohone, need you to reply to friend request first!

Dear Annie,

We do Portugal if that helps. Where are you moving from and where are you going? We are new menbers to the forum, But don t let put you of. Do you have some sort of dates in mind?

Look forward to your reply.

from the Pitmans

John Marsden

32800 Bretagne d'Armagnac

05 62 09 98 61

Thanks Helen, will have a look!

We use a Nottingham based transport guy, who should be retired.
He regularly travels to the Aude and may well give you a price for an onward trip to portugal.
He charges £110 per pallet sized load, stacked as high as you like.
He is very flexible on his measurements.
It is a curtain sided HGV, so the access at both ends has to be right for an HGV.
He has blankets etc... for furniture.
Can't guarantee he will be interested in Portugal, but you never know.

George White 07768 867360 +33 6 23 03 85 59