Man with a van wanted

Hi ,would anyone know off a man with a van in or around the civray area,as i want to order a extension ladder.

Many thanks.


Stupid question maybe Bill, but couldn't you just put a ladder on your car's roof rack? Go on then, you haven't got one? Buy one, you can't be worried about keeping a ladder dry. I've got a triple that I carry on my car. Every bloke needs a roof rack :-)

Thanks Bill

If he can help, let me know otherwise good luck finding someone.


Thanks Karen

We have not found a ladder yet,i feel that the one i want would be longer than 4.2.If it is less i will be in touch.

many thanks.


Hi Bill

My OH goes up and down every week to the UK and uses the N10 so passes through your area and will happily do a collection /delivery en route, so long as it's not too far off track.



Hi Karen

We live in Civray,we are currently looking for a ladder within our region.Do you deliver locally or just to UK and back.The ladder we are looking for would be 9m total lengh.



Hello Bill

My husband goes back & forth to the UK in a Mercedes Sprinter each week.

It has a 4.2M load length if that is any use.

Best Regards