Managing an American Company from France

Hello. As an American living in France, suppose that I were to own a French company that sells a service through a website to E.U. companies, and that I were to also own a U.S. company that sells that service through that same or a different website to companies outside of the E.U. I understand that the French company must pay French business tax, and that I must pay French personal tax on any salary and dividends I receive from my French company. I understand that I must pay U.S. taxes on the profits of my U.S. company, and technically all worldwide earnings if it weren’t for the fact that France has higher taxes than the U.S. My concern is that I would be running my U.S. company from France. What I need to understand is if there is any kind of reporting I would need to do or taxes I would be required to pay to France regarding my U.S. company or the salary and dividends I receive from it. Would that be the case, and if so, would that be avoided if the U.S. company payed the French company for my time? Thanks.

All I know is that the US position is immensely complex. This might help re reporting requirements

@uncaged [It’s possible that people on this site may offer informed opinions on this (and certainly better informed than me)].

From time to time I would see similar questions posed, when I was in my previous client facing role…My immediate reaction then, and as now, would be to suggest that US corporate tax specialists with a very good understanding of French tax reporting obligations are consulted. For me this is a fairly technical issue, that merits consideration by a proper specialist. I’m afraid I don’t have the sorts of contacts now that I would previously have had acces to, but Pages Jaunes or equivalent for US tax specialists in France would be my suggested next step.


I’m American and been French resident plus auto entrepreneur here for nine years. Simple answer is that if you are a French resident you are required to report worldwide income to French authorities. Ditto for U.S. But you would not be double-taxed due to treaties in place.
Suggest highly you consult with a tax professional knowledgeable in both countries tax laws. It’s a tricky proposition you are suggesting. Good luck!

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