Mandat de protection future

Hi everyone
My father has been resident in the Var region of France for 30 years. He is now considering selling up and moving back to the uk. Selling his house may take a while so we were considering taking out a mandat in case he suffers a stroke or becomes unable to deal with his affairs. Does anyone have experience of setting one up? His local notaire is not that familiar with the system
Thanks in advance

Hello Patrick and welcome to the Forum :relaxed:

Does this Link below help at all…lots of info and options…

I think what you need might have to be done through the Notaire… In the Mise en Oeuvre section, click on the Mandat Notarie button and it opens up a whole new section…

Can’t help you with doing it in France, but we did it for my mother just in case. And it was a great relief as even tho’ it was never needed that fact that it was there helped us all feel confident about what might be ahead of us, including my mother. So well done you for thinking of it. Luckily my mother liked to be prepared for any eventuality - she even had a signed ‘do not resuscitate’ form on the hall table. Gave visitors a bit of start.

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Same here,…can’t help
with France but my mom in uk has all financial and medical and dnr i’s dotted and t’s crossed and lodged with her uk solicitor…I’m interested to know how that works in France as I would want the same so my kids don’t even have to worry about it…they know that if I’m suddenly gone then not to waste any expense on having me hauled back to uk for cremation but the timescale in France from death to disposal seems a bit quick…??? Conceivably I could be dead and disposed of before they even knew I’d gone…! Maybe I was reading an outdated link…???

It’s only quick here because if you delay the funeral/cremation more than a few days then the person has to be embalmed and stored in a proper morgue. Which is expensive, so people don’t do it. But there’s no law against it.

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According to Service-Public the wait is between 24 hours and 6 working days. Outside of that permission has to be sought…

And, because in France… families and friends like to view the dearly departed at the funeral home… the deceased is beautifully prepared… the whole “event” is done swiftly and with style… :relaxed::hugs: (Brits don’t usually have a “viewing” (not in my area anyway) which does reduce the costs.)

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Interesting Stella. We went to a local funeral home to ask about timing for funerals as we know that it would take a bit of time for the children to get here. Anyway, the funeral parlour told us the requirements for a delayed funeral and that they arrange it all (ie embalming etc) so I guess they must have a hot line to the prefecture as they didn’t mention that we would need to seek permission. I might ask again, as although we have no intention of needing their services for the moment we do like to be prepared.

Jane… as I have said… if there is sufficient reason… permission can be obtained… but it is the exception rather than the rule…

and, YES, the Undertakers DO have excellent connections with all the necessary Offices… that is part of their remit, to ensure that everything goes smoothly, with as little distress for the Client as is humanly possible.

At the time of arranging a Funeral, the Undertakers will ask for all sorts of documents and info… and the Client will be asked to sign various papers, (as may be necessary)… in order that the Funeral can be arranged according to the wishes of said Client.

Feel free to discuss everything with your local Undertaker… they are a friendly bunch (in my experience)… :relaxed:

Thanks for the feedback and link. There appears to be different levels of mandat. I have done a bit of research. I’m not sure if it’s possible to be acting for my father on a mandat if I do not live in France

Perhaps your father needs to ask the Notaire whether or not you can hold the Mandat… :relaxed:

My wife and I both have LPOA (Lasting Power of Attorney) in place so that we can look after each other’s affairs if needs must. I’m now wondering whether these would be recognised in France or whether we should setup the French equivalent?

Hi Nigel… there’s a neighbour who did have that set up for her Mum…

They were all Resident here in France and it was done by the Notaire…very easy to do, so my neighbour reckons… :relaxed:

Why not ask the Notaire, about your UK one, next time you are in France… :relaxed: