Manhattan Freesat box problem

For some reason this season it has failed to put its onscreen clock back and there doesn’t seem a way in settings to do it manually. There is just one choice, Paris GMT+1, which is what it should be on now, but stubbornly remains at GMT+2.

Any ideas? Even stranger, we have 2 of these and the other one has the same problem.

Odd, I have one of these but it is in France and we stopped using it when we got a TV with a satellite tuner.

At least both behaving the same makes it unlikely one is broken.

You should be able to change the time zone in setting (you didn’t set a PIN did you? - though the manual doesn’t mention it affecting the time setting).

Even stranger Paul, I have just turned the tv on and the time has now been updated without me doing anything.

Bizarre, 2 and a half days for it (Freesat presumably) to update itself. :roll_eyes:

Your tv with a tuner in it, is that like a built in Freesat box then? Do you plug the dish cable into the tv instead of the box?

In settings it still says Paris GMT+1 though.

My watch took an extra day - but I know reception of the German DCF77 signal is patchy.

Basically, yes - it has a Freesat as well as a conventional digital tuner; annoyingly that turned out to be an either/or choice as you can’t have both active but we have the Orange TV decoder for French TV if we really want to watch it.

It is my understanding that in many consumer electronics devices, including satellite receivers, the onboard software makes use of TZ-DATA from the IANA Timezone Database. Updates to the device are generally either pushed over-the-air, where the receiver is capable of such update, or else via an internet connection to which the receiver is connected. These updates can sometimes take a couple of days to filter down, or require a restart of the device in order to be loaded into the device’s memory.

Certainly some will behave as described but the algorithm for determining the date DST finishes has been fixed and harmonised in the EU for some time so it would not need a periodic update to land before knowing when to switch.

Interesting, but I don’t remember such a lag before. Perhaps I didn’t look at it 'till now.