Manx Flag Question

Why does it ‘sport’ Three Legs, no lewd replys :slightly_smiling_face: It’s very simlar to the Breton ‘Triskal’.

It has been the official flag of Mann since 1 December 1932 and is based on the Manx coat of arms, which dates back to the 13th century. The three legs are known in Manx as ny tree cassyn (“the three legs”). The triskelion is an ancient symbol, used by the Mycenaeans and the Lycians.

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Yes Graham, I know that, but what’s the significance/possible connection?

I don’t have a clue my self of the significance but the ‘hooked cross/swastika’ is very widely symbolic of good fortune, and the Manx symbol is very similar.

However I love the Manx motto that refers to the symbol: “quocunque ieceris stabo” (wherever you may throw me, I shall stand). Resilient and not-to-be vanquished.

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… with an extra leg… diddle diddle diddle dum…

Of course it is, it is Celtic.

I’ve never been sure, Jane, is that ssssseltic or kkkkkeltic?

Wasn’t that one famously done by a certain disgraced Australian children’s entertainer/comedian/painter/musician-of-sorts?

Gives a whole new meaning to the extra leg!!

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Ron Stewart does it beautifully… I believe his is a Manx Man… or was that someone else… ??

Interesting what you turn up Paul.
I would have put him down as Scottish but he was in fact born in London Highgate…