Marechal Ferrant


I'm looking for a reliable Marechal Ferrant to trim my 2 horses hooves I keep being let down.

I'm in south Landes code 40320

@cat Any suggestions?

I have a great farrier but I’m not sure if he’d go that far ( we’re in 40180) - however, I know he does sometimes work over that way so I will ask him and get back to you. Anyway, nice to ‘meet’ you as a virtual horsey neighbour!

Thank you Catharine, I need him for 5 or 6 or 7 October as my husband is home and can help with the 2 horses.

Hi again
Sorry I’ve just spoken to him and he’s not taking on any more clients and he says he can’t recommend anyone over that way either - which is a shame as he is brilliant and worth his weight in gold in terms of reliability etc. When my new horse (who he hadn’t even shod) suddenly went lame, he came and spent an hour FOC trying to get to the root of the problem. And he’s a barefoot advocate! Pretty rare service round these parts. I will keep asking around for you.

Maybe @Martin_Sheach can recommend someone?

Thank you for trying Catharine.
The farriers are a nightmare over my way, my present one is not responding to any messages I have left her over the last 3 weeks. I even asked my vet who his wife used and his one is unreliable as well