Marina Hyde's take on Rishi Sunak X Elon Musk

If, like me, you like Marina Hyde then you’ll enjoy this. Especially if, like me, you don’t like Rishi Sunak too.

My favourite bits…

AI will eradicate jobs, explained Musk, which Sunak seemed fairly accepting of, perhaps because he is scheduled for professional eradication next year. Not that he can’t be rebooted and refitted for Silicon Valley in his post-prime-ministerial life, just as former deputy PM Nick Clegg has been. Clegg now spends his days PR-ing Meta, and will definitely be the guy in a crew-necked sweater left doing comms for the apocalypse, while Mark Zuckerberg’s jet leaves for the gun-turreted disaster compound in New Zealand. The last face you’ll see on your phone before it goes black is Clegg’s, as he solemnly promises the world: “We will learn from this.”


Watching him giggle along to Musk’s wry but clear warnings about humanoid robots was a reminder that Sunak is an odd man, who doesn’t really get a lot of things. For me, the definitive Sunak post on Musk’s platform will always be the one from the pandemic, where he says “I can’t wait to get back to the pub … and I don’t even drink,” accompanied by a picture of him doing a thumbs-up through the window of a luxury kettle shop. After Thursday night’s encounter, I slightly got the impression he could have watched the Terminator series rooting for Skynet.



Musk is an idiot, a con man and a serial liar.

Quite like most recent Tory PMs in fact.


What baffles me is that if one believes that a core part of Tory party voters are older, less tech savvy people who probably distrust the whole idea of AI, then why is the Tory leader potentially alienating them by sucking up to the likes of Musk?

I suspect the answer lies in Sunak knowing that he & his party are a busted flush come the next UK GE &, as Marina Hyde implies, he’s got his eye on a lucrative “tech bro” job after he resigns. He simply doesn’t care any more.