Marine Le Pen springs surprise visit on Macron during picket line campaign trip

She makes me sick! Imagine the Nirvana of a no-strike France under La Blonde - a world where inefficient and bankrupt companies are kept going by the State. No doubt she’ll end up making sure the ‘workers’ all get a heavily subsidised or free car - now when did that last happen ?..:frowning:

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Now now Simon, don’t be such a cynic: if she gets in we’ll all be driving around in carriages drawn by winged unicorns and earning 10x more for 10x less work without paying any taxes, everyone will be happy beautiful healthy and rich and the sun will shine every day without there being any concomitant drought. This will obviously be the direct result of going back to the franc and getting rid of all the foreigners.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: ROTFL ! Thanks Vero - I feel so much better now - even looking forward to it!!

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