Market stall holders and i-zettle

hello, we're about to start a market stall and wondered what feedback anyone has of the i-zettle system. of the ones available in france it looks like it wold suit us best... i'd much prefer to use paypal here, but for madness / finance reasons it looks like im not allowed to?

all feedback useful?

(especially as theit website keeps crashing - not a good start!)

x teresa

Hello Teresa

We use payleven. When there is 3g it works very well when there isn't it doesn't, so checkout your markets and stands for connectivity.

Make sure as well that your phone talks to the card reader I bought a brand new tablet to go with my card reader as I thought my phone was too slow. Turns out the tablet was too modern and my old phone works just fine.

thanks so much Helen - i do think i might get a 'reconditioned' phone just for using at the markets

x teresa

Hello .I`ve been doing a market stall in the Var for the last 15 years.I would avoid any sort of device going through your mobile.French people are very suspicious of online payments and technology they are not aware of using their card details.Most people carry their cheque books so accept cheques if people can`t pay in cash .Be careful how much money goes through your bank and how much you declare if you are in the micro entreprise regime or you will be at a distinct disadvantage to your competitors.

thanks Zach (no photo!) we find in our market here in vaison in provence that the 'old dears' in particular LOVE the stalls that accept CB - the most popular fish, meat and veg stalls all accept it. i guess the older patrons know they can trust them...

from our point of view we are selling particularly to a foreign tourist market - english, american, german who have a real issue with carrying cash around - they're not used to it! Also we find that the few cash point machines often run out on market day... and we hope it will boost our sales when maybe the queues at the cash point are long too...

it's horses for courses i guess (but we're not selling horses!)

x teresa

As you like but I still agree with me of course.


We use izettle in the UK and haven't had any issues over the last 2 years. It does take a couple of days before the money gets transferred in to your bank account but as long as you are aware of this it is fine. We use it with both a tablet in our shop and a phone when out and about. It should be similar in France.



Thanks Clive - that's great info. The time the money gets transferred is not an issue as we'll be dealing with very small transactions - so a lag is easy to deal with... What do you sell???

I love technology but not with phones and for Christmas I got a Punkt "retro" phone - it looks like a calculator and only does phone calls and text messages. The battery lasts for a month!!! I absolutely love it...

But now i'll have to go back to a smart phone just for payments!

Another Payleven user, no issues providing you get a signal. Akward customer services to start with, took longer to get up and running with verification needed.

ohhh kaaay... awkward customer services i'm used to! thanks john

x teresa