Marketing Plan

Does anyone have any hints for writing a marketing plan for a really small business! I know there are templates, but they're all for bigger companies, as far as I can see, and it's making my brain hurt!

Hi Wendy,

I'm late to the discussion, but have a couple suggestions below should you still be wondering. Even if your plan is done already you might want to check out as it is a great place for general support. Her newsletter is concise and always helpful when one needs to get out and just do it.

If you are looking for a whole biz plan in a really simple format the One Page Business Plan works really well.You can check it out on Amazon and if you like it I have a spare book I could send you. It does not have the CD with it but I'm a licensed consultant so I could send you some of the files, like the template for the OPBP and a good Excel template for your p&l. I think I could attach them in a pm to you on here, yes?

Alternatively, I highly recommend Ilise Benun at for all sorts of good marketing advice for solo's and I do recommend all my clients invest in the eCalendar to put their marketing plan right into their Outlook calendar (or whatever calendar they are using, Google, iCal etc. You can check out Ilise's stuff here.
Disclaimer: This link is an affiliate link for me for her eCalendar, but I was recommending it before she did affiliates and her site has tons of good free stuff too

Thanks for all the help so far, before I go any further, I decided to go back to the person that suggested it and ask for a few pointers, but I may well return - you have been warned!

Hi Wendy,

If you would like to e mail me with details of your business I can help.

Meanwhile, here are a few points to get you started

  1. Define your product/service and who it will appeal too.
  2. Who are you marketing too? Age groups, male or female/both
  3. Locality? Region specific or everywhere
  4. Monetary resources - a substantial sum or drip feed over a period of time, existing business wanting to expand.
  5. The dreaded cash flow forecast!!
  6. Create the brand - logo, collateral material - advertising, brochures, web site, etc.
  7. Implementation plan.


When I say “told” it’s more that it’s been suggested ot me that it would be good idea!

Thanks John, the thing is that I’m not one of life’s natural planners but I’m doing a marketing course and have been told to write one and I suppose it would help me focus and give structure to my activities.

Thanks Kathryn, I’ll do that.

Hi Wendy,

The best way to start is to ask why you are writing this plan. Marketing plans can cover many topics and are really just a logical way to present facts and track progress - hence the plethora of models out there. Is this something you are doing for yourself or to give to a third party? What do you want to achieve with it?

(if you don’t want to answer these on a public forum, then feel free to pm me and I’ll help sort out the structure for you).

Sorry can’t help you with this one Wendy, but I am sure someone in the group will have an answer for you.