Markets in or near Pau

Hi All,

I am looking to add a market in or near Pau on a Friday but I don’t know which would be best. Anyone help on which markets are frequented by the local british population?



(Bulldog Bacon and Bangers)

Well you win some and you lose some but I have had to admit defeat at Oloron St Marie. It is a lovely market for a visitor but a nightmare for a marketeer. The market is in the centre of the town and the town sits on a hill so there is a one way circuit into the market. All the fruit and veg and flower stalls set up realy early and that is where they put me so if I don’t arrive by 6.30 I can’t get in and it is two hours for me to get there!!! Then, as I discovered, after the market I have to wait until everyone else in the hall has packed up before I could get out.

The result of that is I have decide to alternate on Fridays between the markets at Morlaas and Soumoulou as they are both really easy for customers to get to, with lots of parking right by the markets and handy for those of you who live around Pau or visit the international school at Morlaas.

The next market is at Morlaas on Friday 3rd June and I will be easy to find, just look for the red and white canopy. I will also have a selection of Custom Cards brilliant hand made greetings cards with me. Hope to see you there.

Mont will you be at Oloron this Friday 3rd June?

Do I need to pre-order items for collection?

Hi All,

Thank you sooooo much for all the suggestions as to which market would be best (except for the one suggesting Timbuctoo!!) near Pau. The vast majority voted for Oloron St Marie so I will be going there tomorrow. Not sure where as I need to speak to the placier in the morning but I will not be hard to find, look for the red and white canopy. I will also take the greetings cards from Custom Cards and possibly some of the british sweets from Madame BonBon of Castelnau. If you could spread the word to anyone you know who would like to try the best fresh bacon and sausages and/or needs a beautiful card or wants to munch some sweets I would be greatly obliged.



Great idea, Oloron Ste Marie has a large market on Fridays with fresh produce, indian foods, antipasti etc and is prob the largest in the area on a Friday.