Marseille or Montpellier?

Hi, We are a couple living in Montpellier since 2007. The town has changed in the last few years and we are not so fond of the climate here. The air pressure and humidity can make us tired but not the heat, because we like sun.

After many years of not visiting and believing that Marseille is “dangerous” we went there in March this year and we liked it very much. It is the most beautiful city in France, it is also more interesting than Barcelona, in our personal opinion.

Since then we have been to Marseille several times and we would like to move there. Anyway we need bigger space for an art foundation and there are many nice old buildings and more options in Marseille.

However, last time we were there we felt a little uneasy in down town behind the Vieux Port on the left side of rue Canebiere, also in the railway station. We were agressively hassled on the train from Aix-en-Provence to Marseille by Romas and no train workers were present. Looks like nobody is doing anything with the situation.

There is the same problem in Montpellier, but it was more aggressive in Marseille, because it is a bigger city. The same problem is with the terrorism.

The excitement about Marseille is still there so we are kind of cornered.

The question is, has anybody lived in this beautiful city and what the experiences are? Or maybe somebody just know the city very well. Any websites or blogs about Marseille?

Best regards