Mask Exemption


Does anyone know if the French do something like the UK and USA in a badge for people who shouldn’t wear masks for health reasons?
I am getting into severe difficulty breathing through a mask as I have respiratory problems. So much so that when I was at my doctor’s, he told me to take my mask off. He’s on holiday now and I didn’t think to ask him about mask exemption.
I was misled to think that masks were the law in small shops, pharmacies, vets etc, as all our local places insist, and so I have been faithfully wearing it but I am still shaking now from having been to the pharmacie an hour ago.
I have not made any bus journeys during the crisis, but will have to do so soon. I am really worried about wearing a mask to get to the city for a hospital appointment by bus.
Any ideas?

Can you wear the acrylic clear mask? I have seen several people around the supermarket, including some members of staff wearing these.


I will have a look, is acrylic more breathable? I sound so ignorant there. I have cloth masks made at home, and disposable masks and I can’t breathe well with either.

Like this:


Thanks, I would have to check with the doctor before I tried this. Are these accepted on public transport in France?

By all accounts, the government is revisiting the question of whether or not to make the wearing of masks in enclosed spaces obligatory. Decision expected this week.

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Good. I am not against masks if they provide protection and reassurance, but they make my life hell.

I fear that you might quickly have to find an alternative that allows you to breathe comfortably, or else be excused from wearing one on medical grounds. I had this discussion with my wife yesterday and was at a loss to determine who might not be able to breathe through a mask, especially the medical type masks - other than people with pulmonary disorders or allergies to the mask material, I couldn’t really think of any reasons offhand.

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I didn’t realize until I started wearing masks that they really would affect my breathing, my fear was more the discomfort of wearing them, I am not even sure how they make breathing worse as I thought they were ‘breathable’ so to speak, but no, it sends my respiration into crisis and I have to keep using an inhaler, which is a risk in itself as it sends my heart rate sky high. This is why I was asking of there is an exemption badge or card in France as there is in the UK and USA.

Sounds as if you fall into the high-risk category due to your health conditions. There was talk of making shops/transport/services available at certain times to just such folk… to ensure no crowds etc… and such folk would be treated “with kid gloves”… :upside_down_face: (and, obviously not harassed)

not heard anything lately though…

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Problem is, how can they make the buses available at certain times?
I lost my car due to the impact on my business of the whole crisis, and we have maybe 5 buses a day to the city, and I have to go to a medical appointment, which will be difficult in a mask.
I don’t feel like high risk, in my mind I am still young and healthy, the body has other ideas, I know, but I really don’t feel high risk, just not breathing well in a mask.


Like you, I am young and fit in my head (permanent 35)… and I fight against being considered/labelled to be old/handicapped/whatever… as does my OH who is definitely less able/healthy than I am… but hates admitting it.

In these times… the government is concerned for everyone of us and it can’t be easy… there’s no “one size fits all” in the situations in which we find ourselves…

Whether I or you like it or not…
We/those who have certain health situations are considered High Risk of having a really bad reaction to the covid virus or maybe death .

I wonder if your doctor could advise you on how to deal with things like public transport.

Yeah, I totally get that.
It is on my list to ask him, I see him when he returns from holiday, in 10 days time. He let me remove my mask in the surgery as I was struggling to breathe.

Of course, doctors will have access to the masks which stop the transfer from their patients… not like that for folk/public on buses and that’s the rub.

Oh dear… there will be an answer and let’s hope it is sorted out soon for you… meanwhile try not to think about it too much…

Stay well away from everyone and you have no need to mask… at the moment.

good luck.

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Thanks. I do spend a lot of time away from people, and as a writer, I am content, there is a bumper crop of fruit and veg in the garden and I can cook my heart out, and I don’t go to Mass every week, I write, I garden, I am content. The mask is only used for pharmacie, Mass, Dr appointments etc, so I keep it to a minimum. It’s mainly the essential journeys to town that are on my mind, and the pharmacy, which triggered this post as I got so bad this morning.

I think what we all have to remember is that we wear a mask TO PROTECT OTHERS. This has nothing to do with how we feel about ourselves. In fact, the healthier we are / feel, potentially the more dangerous we are, because it is all to easy to think “I’m fine”. When in fact we may be carrying the virus, not showing symptoms and passing the virus on to someone else.
@UKfloatedaway if you are visiting a doctor, going to mass, on a bus, your wearing a mask protects those around you who may be more vulnerable than you are. I strongly encourage you to try the clear visor type mask. It stands well away from the face and gives you plenty of room to breathe. I have a friend who cannot wear a normal mask and finds this type quite ok. Not least, you will be loved by everyone who is hard of hearing because often they need to lip read and the current situation with people wearing a fabric mask that covers the mouth is very hard for them

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There are church services on the internet at the moment… specifically aimed at those who cannot physically get to church, during these times, for whatever reason…

re the pharmacy… is there someone who can collect your medication for you. Locally, the council have organized this for anyone in need… maybe there is something like this on the go in your area.

good luck

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Totally, I have to make sure with the doctor that I am okay to wear one first, but it may well be that he says it’s the right thing.

I do like to physically attend Mass sometimes and I can sit alone at the back as the church is so big, and pull the mask up a bit to breathe, I don’t go up for communion, apart from that I do online church it.

Get an acrylic visor, I use one for work since I can’t actually do my job with a mask on, they are perfectly comfortable and not restrictive at all. Another thing you could do is try various different sorts of mask - I have asthma, and find some far more comfortable than others.

Here I am modelling mine, it is slightly lopsided because I left in my car and it is 3d printed so it went a bit soft.