Massive sale of stuff!

As I noted here a little while ago, I am having to leave my studio/atelier/gallery - and as a result have a mass of stuff to get rid of. If any of the stuff listed below interests you let me know. We will be doing our own "Vide Grenier" here in a couple of weeks - but are desperate to get rid of stuff as we don't have the space. As well as the stuff listed there's tons of little things I haven't listed.

  • Epson Stylus Pro 4000 printer (including inks, 5 rolls canvas, 2 rolls paper) (needs a service) plus canvas stretchers (mixed)

  • Scanner – Epson GT 1000+ A3 scanner (including serial-USB adaptor)(crack on front – but works)

  • Black IKEA desks x 2

  • Ikea tables x 6

  • Sony Cyber shot camera (6 mega pixel)

  • Exhibition rails plus hangings, fixations, and hooks – 13 metres rail (click rail)

  • Architect’s A0 Drawing Board

  • Double Sink and draining board – never plumbed in

  • Ikea display unit including hanging rail and cupboard

  • 3 x spotlight rails

  • Woodern Ikea desk

  • 2 x ikea office chairs

  • Large range of small display easels

  • Small Billy bookshelf

  • Small Ikea chest of drawers (2)

  • Large Ikea Kitchen unit

  • Wooden “porte-poster”

  • Ladder

  • Small wooden bookshelf

  • Mini Fridge (coca cola)

  • Range of wooden concrete and metal building materials

  • Mobile air conditioning unit (Carrefour) (hardly used)

  • Metal shelving

  • Plastic shelving

  • Selection of small glass frames

  • Bicycles (x2) – One woman’s one child (teen girl mountain bike)

  • Various plain T shirts – all sizes/colours

  • 2 x large bins

  • 36 wine glasses (ikea)

  • Miscellaneous art equipment

  • Antique chairs (x2) in need of recovering

  • Antique armchair

  • Antique chair frame

  • Clock-making equipment

  • Textile pens

  • Screen printing screens/ink/squeegees

  • Paper (some nice A2 paper that I’m never going to use)

  • Weird selection of stickers/signs (!)

Darn it too far

You dont say where abouts are you ?

Okay David, thanks for photo. I'm not interested in plastic clocks, I only collect REAL ones and watches, would have been willing to buy camera and easels but won't drive almost the length of France for them, would have happily paid for P&P.

OK - mesh size - I can't find invoice, lost old emails regarding it. I think I bought 43T - suitable for t shirts fabric. Although I have used on paper. The ink is speedball. - 12 pots - all about half full. 2 squeegees.All bought from Clock parts are for making your own clocks (plastic) - a box of them about 20. Easels range from about 6" to over 12", and i also have some postcard display stuff. As for prices I am seriously asking for offers. But some sample prices if it makes things easier:Bag of small easels (about a dozen) I'll let go for about 25€ for example, postcard displays 5€ each, Sony camera 30€, scanner 40€, printer 200€, sink, 50€, drawing board 40€, desks from 10 to 20€ Armchair 30€ etc. Not sending or delivering anything (may as well do eBay) so come and collect. Photos of other stuff:![](upload://3TXJXs1HXcXuLDJ52eG1MrtLCXt.jpg)

I can check mesh size (can’t be sure without checking original invoices) and photo stuff tomorrow - Tuesday.

David, you are too far away for a casual visit, can you e-mail me a composite picture or give me an idea of the amount you wish to get for the items listed, I will be happy to drive down to collect, but do not want to waste my time or money "on spec"., you'll get a message, but don't worry I will see the e-mail.

sorry - that should be ‘what size mesh?’

David, what ise lesh are they?

Screen printing: I have two screens , neither very big one A3, one a bit bigger, plus a couple of squeegees and some printing ink ( water based) for t shirts. I have lots of shirts too. Make me an offer.

Chris - or anyone - just come visit at my studio/ gallery and have a look. Matelles-art, Ancien chemin du triadou, 34270 Les Matelles. am there pretty much every afternoon.

You live too far away for me; I live in Tarn et Garonne 82. What a shame.

I'm interested in the Clock Making equipment, as I collect clocks and watches, also the Sony camera the misc art equipment and the display easels.

Hi 'david, I am interested in the screen printing bundle - what do you have in terms of screens and mesh size? Second question - how much?

Hi - I am in Les Matelles, just to the north of Montpellier.

Same question, where are you? i have a studio that is only part furnished, so very interested.

Where are you located?