Master Chef 2019

Did any of you get to see this series ???

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I watched all of it.
I was rooting for Jilly, but realised that Irini had got with her excellent dishes.
It really was cooking of the highest order.
Also Irini lives in Cartmel, which was part of Lancashire that was stolen from us to make Cumbria.
She didn’t even make stick toffee pudding!


Yes I saw it all… live and as it happened for the first time in many years.

One of the best series ever. So good to see three women in the final. Jilly would have been my choice.


We replied at the same time!! Jilly was fantastic wasn’t she?

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I think I can find the episodes on U-Tube… sounds like excellent watching on a rainy day… (mind you, it’s lovely and sunny at the moment)…

Thanks to both of you for your feedback… :wink::upside_down_face::hugs:

Watched the whole series and was rooting for Jilly from the start, disappointed that Irini won, personally I thought her main of lamb chops and peas was a little underwhelming.


I’ll let you know my thoughts… when I finally get to watch the series… :hugs:

I do miss watching this series, but Gregg Wallace spoils it for me.

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He must have something, the amount of wives he has had.

Hmmm :zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face:

A member of my extended family has been divorced 5 times, had 2 live-in lovers between marriages… and has finally settled-down with wife number 6…

Each lady in his life has thought that she understands him better than anyone else, that she will be able to make him happy… or whatever…

How folk perceive us and how we really are … can be two totally different things… and unless spending day in and day out with someone… can it be easy to know just what one is embarking on… ???

Having said that… each lady has known the chap’s history… so presumably realizes that any fault (if fault there be) is not necessarily that of the previous ladies… :face_with_hand_over_mouth::thinking::rofl:

How sad.

Indeed, very sad… several damaged lives as a result of that lot…:zipper_mouth_face: