Masthead (header image)

If you would like to see your photo adorn the SFN masthead for a while (the image is changed frequently),then upload them here (by doing so in this thread you will be giving me permission to use the image as stated). I’ll choose them for now, but if it takes off as an idea maybe we can run a competition.

They will need to be;

Taken in France

at least 990 pixels wide and 220 high.

at least 72 dpi

I will almost certainly crop the image to suit the text etc, so don’t worry about exact dimensions.




PS If there are any technical issues with uploading files let me know here

sure is!

Great header.





Great textures

Old sheds seem to have a strange attraction for me-a whole creek of them on the Gironde.

Fishing hut on the Gironde.

I just love them but the shop was closed!

The vineyards at Madiran.


Went all the way there to take it again :wink:


Cool :slight_smile:

Better in miniature…

love this