Maths help needed!

My daughter needs urgent help with her maths work!! She is in the final year of her Bac and is struggling with some of the maths questions. Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks in hope of some help.

Hi Lucy. I just posted that I need to find a French tutor for my daughter, going into 3eme in Sept 2013. You mention in your discussion that there are organisations that offer tutoring services, do you know what they are called ?? I am in the Dordogne. Thanks for any info.

Hi Jill,

I can't help with the French aspect but if it is the maths practice and comprehension of work that she is struggling with you might try googling for past papers. Khan Academy is also a great free resource that breaks the work into different areas and then explains it in different ways so the learner can retain it better. It is an American site but covers all basic elements. I do sympathise, here in SA they have changed the curriculum AGAIN, and it seems my eldest is one of many guinea pigs to the new system which doesn't have the time in the scheduled lessons to revise anything....makes for lots of stress, extra paid lessons and self study......urgh

Hi Jill,

Saw your message on twitter. If you email me at , I can put you in contact with a maths tutor who may be able to help.


Might be worth looking in any local bookshops or stationary shops! I found a French tutor for one of my teenagers that way! There are a number of organisations that offer to find tutors/homework help at any stage of the school system. But they don't always have people available - depending on where you are!!

Good luck in your search - and good luck to your daughter with her Bac!! Mine is doing hers this year as well!