Mature cheese

Fancy a bit of this one ?


I like extra mature cheese, but that’s a bit much!


I was addicted to mature cheese :cheese: but that could be the antidote…

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Looks like a good material for pointing a wall !

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Breaking News !!

Evidence has now been uncovered that the ancestors of Asterix did actually trade with Egypt. Apparently ’ le Maroilles’ was high on the list of must have’s in the dusty desert, 2 camels and a shaking belly bought 1 wheel of Maroilles. I suspect that the odour still lingers on, even today :rofl:


Oh Ann, I must admit Maroilles is something !!!

Having eaten, and enjoyed, le Durian believe me that the Maroilles is mild in comparison ! :dizzy_face:

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Have you heard about the “casgiu merzu” ? You can find it in south of Corsica, an other delight ! (seems to be because no way I would try it !!)

We had an au pair staying with us and I bought some Brie from Lancaster market.
Unfortunately it had maggots in it, but that did not deter her.
That was when I learnt the french word for maggots.

My dad used to eat cheese with maggots in it during the war (he was born in 1931). His dad use to get it because he wouldn’t need ration tickets for it !