Maximum allowance for savings interests

Just checking that I am not missing something here. In the UK one can ‘save’ (I use the word very loosely) a virtually unlimited amount in one of the banks’ interest bearing accounts.
It seems that in France, once you have used up your allocation for Livret A, LDD, LEP etc. then you have nowhere to go bearing interest unless you wish to gamble on the stock market ?

Not at all.
There are a number of other savings account products which are not interest free.
As an example, I have a Compte Sur Livret with my bank as well as LDD LEP and Livret A

And as well as the ones Graham mentions banks also offer comptes à terme, like fixed term savings. And outside your bank you can go for the “fonds euros” element of Assurance Vie contracts, which don’t involve stocks and share.

I might have missed the point but I thought I had got a message saying that the amountyou could add to an LEP without incurring tax had gone up. As I don’t plan to do so I didn’t take much notice and may have got it wrong.

This outline the current limits for 2023

No change for the LEP then, no idea where I got misled but of no importance for us. :grinning:

perhaps you confused the uplift in the interest rate for this year :thinking:


This thread reminded me of a question that arose the other day.

With a savings account that has a limit on deposit (e.g. Livret A with a 22 950€ maximum) is the interested only caclulated on the maximum deposit amount, or is it truly compound & that you get interest on past interest accrued?

I’m sure it’s the latter, but the person I was talking to was assuming the former…

I know I’m being lazy by asking here :roll_eyes:

Compound as far as I know, but also truly lazy so not going to go and look!

Compound definitely. You continue to get the interest on the extended balance over and beyond the maximum allowed on the account.

Absolutely what I thought - it would be mad to do otherwise, & would probably be the cause of much unrest.

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It appears to be every 15 days for all those types of account - Info gleaned from the link that Graham kindly posted.

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Yes, ISTR that people often would withdraw some funds for a short term “loan” then pay it back in to the account before the interest calculation hit so they wouldn’t lose out. The only problem with that is if you already have the maximum base amount allowed in the account, you will not be allowed to do that so care is required.

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I’m no expert on this type of thing, but I’ve always understood the allocations for Livret A, LDD, LEP etc. was something a bit similar to annual ISA limits in the UK.