May's premiership summarised - "execrable"

Brilliant article.
I watched Rory Stewart’s launch on Sky and he seems to me to be the only sane candidate available.
I don’t doubt because of that his bid will be ‘spaffed’ up the wall (in BoJo speak) which wil be a real shame as the lunatics continue in their quest to take over the asylum :rage:

… and now RS says he won’t vote for the cross party motion :roll_eyes:

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An accurate assessment of her time in power. As somebody wrote, she’s the worst PM the UK has ever had, until the next one.


He is just what our nation needs, but not probably what the alt right want to hear.
I would love him to win, let’s hope for a miracle.

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I’d totally forget that Harper was the nutter who employed an illegal immigrant when he was immigration minister. :joy:
My my, how time flies