Mazda cars

We are looking at buying a Mazda, however we are trying to find out the cost of repairs, insurance in France, and eould it be cheaper to go to say Belgium to buy one cheaper?


MX 3 or CX5.


Where do you live ?? If you are in France… why not visit your nearest Mazda dealer and discuss service charges etc…that will give you an idea on costs.

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Thank you Stella. We are currently in UK. Charges can vary in different countries, hence my question. I am researching costs before we move and buy a car in France.

Hi Elaine… we came over with a British car (Peugeot) and used that for many years… recently we replaced it…deliberately sticking with Peugeot as our local Peugeot Garagist has proved his worth in the past… we did not buy from him… but he has no problems with that… the excellent service continues… :heart_eyes:

You might find it useful to wait until you are here … and suss out the local garages…just saying… :relaxed:

Thanks for that Stella. I guess the problem is many garages in UK can have varying charges. My son is a mechanic and currently repairs our Subaru, but he is not coming with us!!

Be careful,

I live in the Netherlands but own a house too in France.

From the dutch side I can of course buy a car in Belgium but have to import it after 6 monhs and pay a tax and a fee for that privlege, it usually works out only slightly cheaper but with loads of paperwork/admin to complete.

Warranties can also be an issue I understand.

There are companies in NL who can handle all the admin for a fee. I looked at buying my new Volvo via an import company, wouldhave only saved me 500 euros on a 40,000 euro car. Seemed too risky to me

If it was easy and a lot cheaper everyone in northern eastern France would dash over the border and buy a car in Belgium surely

The cheapest price I’ve seen is from a dealer who buys the cars bulk (they say) from the principle car distributor in France. It then delivers them to a dealer near you for pick-up.

The company web-site is here: - and when I looked up a price for a new car, there was a sizable difference from the retail price of the dealer nearby where I live.

The only problem I see is paying for the car, since the site seems to expect you to send a down-payment sight-unseen for the car. It might be best to go sign the contract in person and with your checkbook. The company is located close to Bordeaux. (Which makes the trip a double-venture if you prefer Bordeaux wines bought at the vineyards!)

If you look at the very bottom of the web-site you will see that the company has “mandataires” in Lyon, Marseille and Paris.

If you speak Spanish of course you can always go to Spain and buy a car directly. Spain typically has cheaper prices. But, I doubt you’ll be saving all that much more.

And, no, I’ve never bought a car from “autodiscount”, but next time around I am thinking of doing so.

PS: You are buying the car in France, so the warranty is French. But do ask “autodiscount” to be absolutely sure.

Thank you for all of the detailed information.