McDonald's - Listeria

Not that I am likely to find myself eating at McDonald’s… but the warning is worth noting…

They should stick to sell burgers!

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I agree Tim. Who goes to McDo for a salad!?

Fast food makes you sick quick ! :nauseated_face::nauseated_face:

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Maybe Ann, but there is nothing like a bacon and egg mcmuffin :yum:

My nearest McDo is a 120km round trip so I will take your word for it Mandy :wink:
However I love bacon sandwiches and am going to have a home made one in about 3 mins :slight_smile:

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Oh yummy. I hope you enjoyed it. The big question is though… what sauce do you put on your bacon sandwich? :thinking:

Always HP brown sauce, it’s an age thing… :yum:, with Worcester sauce as a fall-back. The virtue of the latter is that like a good Burgundy it ages well, I have a bottle that’s going on for 25 years old.

I like a bacon sandwich the way my Dad liked it. With malt vinegar and black pepper. :yum:

Depends Mandy, I sometimes put lettuce and a sliced tomato on it with some mayonnaise.
My favourite though is ketchup :slight_smile:

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Apart from a double sausage and egg one :grin::grin::grin:

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My one indulgence in the UK is a McDonald’s milkshake. Wish they did them here.

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Oh yes. I can eat both in one sitting as well as a hash brown!! In my part of France though I can only get a bacon & egg mcmuffin and only then in the summer. It’s a rare treat for me.

I would rather starve than eat at McDonald’s.

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About the only time I ever go to McDo is at Newhaven, once a year, waiting for the morning ferry. The dog has a bacon roll (and the hash brown thing).


Wow Tim, there we go, something in common, Great :+1: :grinning:

That’s just where we go. If it’s early I have pancakes.