Mdf wall boards

I’m trying to find an outlet in france who sells MDF wall boards t&g effect. I’ve looked online but can’t see any for sale so was wondering whether they were actually available in france. Here’s a photo of the type I’m referring to:-

might be an idea to visit some of the larger DIY stores and see what they have… and discuss with staff… :upside_down_face::thinking:

Never seen but have had a quick look by entering into Google - Panneau rainure mdf
One of the results was this …é+FINES+RAINURES+228%2C7+x+100+cm

There is a lot of this type but they are single boards and not a panel…

Thank you, Ann, for those links. I think I may have to pay a visit to the UK to source what I’m looking for!

Will be a lot cheaper too Joyce by the look of prices here :wink:

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:upside_down_face::relaxed::laughing:Mmm… not sure if you will have to complete a Customs form… in triplicate… to import stuff from the UK… :joy::thinking::crazy_face:

Do be aware that cheaper boards can contain higher levels of formaldyhyde, which is distinctly not good for you. If this is for a room you will be spending time in then do yourself a favour and treat yourself to low emission MDF boards.

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People making radiator covers from MDF, so silly.

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You could buy the boards & a cheap router from a brico shop & do them yourself, very easy.


Thank you for all your replies. Jane’s comment about low emission MDF boards is certainly worth considering and, after reading up about it, I’m going to have a total rethink about using this product. Kind regards, Joyce.

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All the uk ones are made from mdf!

MDF was seemingly banned, or at least, restricted in some US states about 20 years ago, due to the carcenagenic (sp) nature of the dust. An effective means of dust extraction was necessary also due to the static causing explosions in the extractor pipes, therefore igniting the wood chips, & causing catastrophic damage to people & property, etc., etc., the list goes on.
Mahogany, Iroko, Teak, & many other hardwoods are far more dangerous than MDF…we always said that it could only (potentially) kill you, if it fell on you…or at worst, if the Bloke delivering it, happened to run you over upon leaving.