Meaning of "volaille"

I’ve just seen “volaille” listed on a fixed menu. I thought this was a general word for any kind of poultry. Is there a specific type of bird which is meant by this, or are they leaving it open what exactly you are going to get to eat ?

I am with you - if it quacks or squawks and looks like a fowl, it is volaille…

Yes, poultry. Often qualified eg volaille de Bresse which is obviously chicken. I think your guess of allowing leeway is probably correct.

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Sounds like chef hasn’t been to Aldi yet this morning :smiley: :smiley:

I would have assumed that volaille was put on the menu as chef didn’t know exactly what he/she would be able to get at the time the menu was created. If you eat there and want to know what, you just ask. I love all volaille, so I would be tempted to order it without asking, as a surprise is always welcome.

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Yes it’s like seeing ‘fowl’ on a menu in English. It might be a chicken, might be a guineafowl or some quail, or duck, whatever. It’s just telling you it’s some sort of bird.