Médecin traitant

(Teresa Shipley) #1

Hi. We are just about to apply for our carte vitale. Can we apply before getting a medecin traitent?


(Joyce Hartley) #2

Yes you can. On your first visit to your GP he/she will give you a signed designation form to lodge with your health provider. This allows future refunds to be issued at the correct rate.

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(Teresa Shipley) #3

Thank you. Do you know where I can find a chk list for documents please?


(stella wood) #4

Hi Teresa

have you looked at the Threads in the Carte Vitale category… this one might help…

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(Teresa Shipley) #5



(Jane Jones) #6

Some GPs will be able to register that you have selected them as your medècin traitant directly on line, others will give you the form to take/send to health provider, and other will expect you to turn up with the form ready for them to sign. So here it is…just in case.

And if it’s not on the other thread here’s the form for PUMA which also sets out the docs you need.

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