Medical Pedicure

Hello all I’m looking at moving to the Limousin in the near future, and I currently run my own Foot Health Clinic in the U.K. as a privately trained Foot Health Practitioner. I haven’t got.a university degree In Podiatry so cannot register as a Podologue. However I have come across the term Médical Pedicure and was wondering if you lovely people can let me know who they use in France to look after their feet. Hope to hear from you soon Carolyn x

This might throw some light…

Thank you for your quick response Stella, it’s certainly given me lots of new French vocabulary. I do cover all the treatments given by these professionals, but unfortunately i do not have my degree, which will take 3 years in the U.K. I’m only looking to cover the next 6 years till my State pension kicks in. If only I was 20 yrs younger :joy:

maybe there is a slightly lesser level… that will let you use your skills… I have no idea… someone may chime in.

Good luck

Thank you :blush: for all your help. Let’s hope some of the members can help me out :+1:

Carolyn Kemp
Foot Health Practitioner

Hi Carolyn
I’m wondering did you find out any more about working as an FHP in France? I’m considering doing training with SMAE but really would like to know if it can be viewed as an equivalent in France. I’ve only been able to find information on Pedicure-Podologue…but at 47 I feel too old to start 3 years training whilst in France. I’m looking for a way to work for myself almost straight away…hit the ground running so to speak!

Hello Clare. Like you I changed career at 48 and trained with SMAE. I’ve enjoyed a profitable career, but unfortunately have discovered their registration is not recognised in France. However, bearing in mind it will take nearly 2 yrs before you’re fully SMAE qualified, Then only one more year training as a podologue would seem an excellent route to take. Please feel free to contact me by email at

Hi Carolyn,
I trained with the SMAE in the '80s and worked succesfully in the UK for a couple of years before moving to France on a permanent basis. I was also a qualified reflexologist and the two ran (no pun intended !) side by side.
Neither qualification was recognised in France so no chance then to get ino the french system. I could have worked independantly although getting public liability insurance was the problem.
I have no idea if things have changed.