Medicals to drive in France

Hi all
I am very confused, a friend is renewing his permis de conduire and I will be applying to change my UK licence in the near future.

My friend is 80 and I am 68. He used to be able to drive up to 7.5 tonne on his UK licence and I think that option was transferred to his French Permis. I also have that option on my UK licence at the moment, although I think that will go when I move to a French Permis.

My friend drives a motor home and a car towing a caravan. (total train weight under 4250kg) He used to get a medical to tow over 500kg but around 2016 when he went to the doctor he was told that was no longer necessary. We both have some medical conditions but I cannot find a list anywhere of which conditions require a medical examination. I have looked on the French driving website but cannot find any sort of definitive list.

I went to my MT and asked him the question with regards my conditions (diabetes type 2 on insulin) and some stents and he said nothing is done in France. I spoke to the DVLA and they wanted the address of my GP when I said France they said they could not work with that and I did not have to do anything.

Any help welcome



Why did you go the the DVLA Nick?

Because I am still driving on a UK licence and wanted to know I was driving legally when back in UK

Your friend can only keep C1 entitlement if he takes (at his age) a yearly medical.

B+E entitlement ceased to need a medical a few years ago.

EDIT - Follow official info about this kind of thing here…