Medicinal (strictly) marijuana for pain relief of shingles

Does anyone know if medicinal marijuana is available on prescription in France?

According to a scientific article I have Codeine, (Panadeine Forte) which is opiate based is ineffective to ease the pain of shingles and addictive, whereas medicinal marijuana, taken orally in say scones? is neither.

Not yet sadly.

Perhaps our medical experts @anon88169868 @Peter_Goble or @anon40466813 may be able to help?

In the Uk there are drugs available that work on nerve pain , also it depends if the shingles are still ongoing or if the pain is post herpatic , a different approach maybe taken

It’s illegal here, but legal in spain and switzerland, so a short holiday might be in order until shingles has passed.

I wouldn’t have thought codeine would work particularly well for shingles, as Nellie says a different type of drug would be better.

I have had constantly recurring shingles for about 10 years now. I guess I’ve now learnt to live with the discomfort , but occasionally I have to take 100mg soluble tramadol (takadol) which does the trick. It is however quite addictive, as I found out when I was taking 3 or 4 times this each day for back pain. Surgery pretty much sorted the pain, but it took nearly a year to get totally weaned off the Tramadol dependence.

Shingles pain can be treated by a kinésithérapeute with current sent along the nerve, it zaps the virus and with just a couple of sessions you are pain-free. I had shingles, v surprisingly as a young person, and it was treated like this years ago in Belgium, it was fantastic.


CBD oil made from the hemp plant/hemp seeds is very good at reducing inflammation and providing pain relief…widely available (although so far I have found it to be cheaper to purchase from uk outlets but stand to be corrected…) I take CBD oil every day and my Border Collies have it too as a nutritional supplement…

My mom has recently started taking a homeopathic combined remedy for a horrendous nerve pain (not shingles though) with the added and unexpected surprise that it has also relieved her rheumatoid arthritis…

Golden paste…(turmeric and black pepper) is also highly regarded for bringing down inflammation…x :slight_smile:


Where do you get your CBD oil, Helen? And what is the stuff your mother takes? A friend of mine has RA and you never know…
Thank you!
I wonder if there’s less RA etc in India with all the turmeric and pepper etc in food.

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Hi Alec… what does your Doctor offer you…for shingles … ??

My little bro has RA and now registered disabled, he is trying out Helen’s mum’s homeopathic treatment right now, it’s early days and I’ve had no feedback yet, but :crossed_fingers:


I have a relative with Psoriatic Arthritis. Conventional medicine hasn’t worked and he’s really struggling now. CBD is something he’s looking into.

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My sister in Canada’s hubby has just had both his knees replaced…he’s been unable to walk for 6 weeks…she’s ordered him the homeopathic combination remedy which has just arrived…! I’m awaiting feedback from her too…x :slight_smile:

Hi Vero

CBD oil I have always ordered from Catherine o’Driscoll but she’s having lots of bother…she was instrumental in introducing titre testing and vaccicheck for animals in uk…to replace needless annual vaccinations…and last time I ordered I had to get my daughter to send it to me here…(I’ll send you the link in a pm…it’s a product I know and really trust but accept it might not be around forever and as I say does need someone in uk to repost…)

I’ve heard really good reviews from here…(Jacob hooey is readily available from Holland and Barrett at much less so I’ve also had my daughter send me this too…from uk…)

More to follow…xx

The incidence of RA in asiatic and hispanic populations is lower than caucasian…

A few people with RA find good quality CBD oil and golden paste does help, but generally in conjunction with conventional medicine. Presumably we are talking about the legally available CBD oil that has less than 0.5% THC. It is very, very rare that it is sufficient by itself. (I also have RA, and am heavily involved in a help group).

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The combined homeopathic remedy that has helped my mom completely stop a horrendous nerve pain…enabling her to ditch the painkillers with the unexpected benefit of relieving her rheumatoid arthritis…(My mom has complex medical problems and is on a huge cocktail of drugs daily…so every little improvement helps enormously…:heart:)

Oral spray at 30c in the following combination remedy is what has helped her…

Thank you Helen, I shall transmit and will also try to get feedback!

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I feel there’s something in that…??? I personally love spicy food but my mom developed severe allergies to many substances in her late forties/early fifties…aspartame was identified as a trigger early on…

That’s great for her! Any reduction in strong drugs has to be a good thing.

People I know rate CBD Brothers products, as they are tested and come in different strengths. Personally I stick to the chocolate, as even if the CBD does nothing I can enjoy the chocolate.

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Yes I’ve heard of CBD brothers too…there’s also Charlottes Web…

I’ve got used to the taste of the natural CBD oil now so it doesn’t bother me…(I do adore dark chocolate though…x :slight_smile:)

Yes she’s thrilled to be off painkillers…initially they gave her tramadol which made her hallucinate…so she couldn’t continue with them…then diahydrocodeine (sp?) which weren’t working either but also made her feel sick…then morphine patches which dulled the pain but then she became allergic to the adhesive which peeled the top layer of her skin away…

Well I’ve not found any of these really worked that brilliantly for my RA pain anyway! Luckily have changed doctors and different treatment means I rarely need anything in addition apart from occasional anti-inflammatory. Hope your mum stays pain free.

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