Medicines that do more harm than good

The latest list of medicines to be avoided as it is considered that they do more harm than good. The list is in pdf format via the link contained in the article. All in French.

The drug I took for three years for arthritis is on there, could have killed me!:anguished:

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Unfortunately that is true of many drugs and no effective drug has yet been invented which is side effect free.

Admittedly the medical profession is not always very good at explaining this, or discussing what the risk vs benefit for an individual patient might be.

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I used to take one of these as well until I spotted it on this list a couple of years ago. I told the GP I wanted to stop it and showed him the list. He had no idea. He also prescribed 2 of these drugs to my hubby which, again, I found on this list. He’s no longer our GP thankfully.

Which one was it Mandy?

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By the way if want information on just about any drug licensed in the UK go to the Electronic Medicines Compendium - - you will find a wealth of information there including drug safety notices for UK prescribers as well as patient information leaflets and (if you don’t mind the fact they are written for healthcare professionals) the “Summary of Product Characteristics” sheets which are the manufacturer’s data sheets for each drug. Enormously useful site.

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For me it was Onglyza which is a diabetes drug. Very dangerous, can cause pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. For my husband it was Celebrex for arthritis and Ketek for lung infections.

Thanks Paul. Will check it out.