Meet in Carcassonne thread!

Hello all!

I now have some more details of the Carcasonne meeting, so a new discussion for it, and when I know more about Montpellier, I'll start one for that too.

Carcassonne 17.00 - 20.00, 1st March 2011.

Peter Woodcock has very generously offered 42 Rue Victor Hugo (Map and directions on this page) as the venue, for drinks and nibbles, from 5pm to around 8pm, 1st March 2011. this should allow everyone in range to come for a glass of wine and some nibbles.

Not only that, but Peter will organise the wine and nibbles, with a donation from people of €5 per adult head to cover the costs. Personally I think that it's all a very generous offer, and looking at the 42RVH website, I'm very much looking forward to seeing it in person and meeting some SFNers!

So far we have 10-12 names, but I'll keep track and put the list up nearer the time. Did I mention 42RVH?


hello all. I have been meaning to add some info here on how to find 42rvh and following the most recent comment I thought I better get on with it!. The narrow bastide streets can indeed be a problem for anyone not used to them - but there is no need for anyone to venture into the bastide. There is a car park at the top of rue Victor Hugo which is just 200m away. It might be busy at 5pm but will gradually ease as the evening progresses - as people leave work to go home plenty of spaces will become available and after 6pm the parking is free. Walk down rue Victor Hugo until you reach no 42, then walk through the archway to the courtyard where my Audi cabriolet is parked - huge double wooden doors on the right and a buzzer marked Woodcock/Smith. I very much look forward to welcoming you all to 42rvh.

PS - soft drinks available of course

Looking forward to being there and meeting all who go.

Just a quick question - I assume soft drinks will be available for those of us who don't drink or can't because of driving?

Thank you Ian. I am looking in to a lift sharing thingie too, so that may well help.


The event is now on the SFN Events system. I think you can attend even without an invitation, so head on over with a yes/no answer!

The following comment assumes there is no "private parking" at 42RVH. I am looking forward to being one of the attendees at Carcassonne on 1st March, but speaking as someone who has to do a day's work in Carcassonne from time to time (I was there 2 days ago) the bastide type system of narrow one-way streets is oft described as a nightmare, particularly for those who haven't experienced it before. Like in all towns of this kind it is not unusual, for example, when you have nearly reached your destination, to suddenly come across a lorry unloading building materials in a road 3 metres wide, and much patience is then required. Bearing in mind this is, after all, the prefecture of Aude, the experience of coping with the traffic could be heightened at or around 5.00 pm when all the offices start to empty out. I therefore suggest ample time be allowed for getting there, and finding somehwere to park. Just thought I'd mention it.