Meet in Montpellier Thread!

Hello all

Montpellier, Place de la Comedie (or close to it) 22nd February, Evening in a wine bar

Met up with Ed yesterday afternoon foor a quick look at a couple of possible venues for a Montpellier meet up, and the two front runners are very nice looking winebar places. They both serve tapas style nibbles, and have very good wine lists, so hopefully something for every pocket. Ed and I will be talking to them in the next few days, so keep watching this space for the confirmation of the venue.


Me! Would love to :-) - If I can get a babysitter that is, I've got 2 little ones.

Tell me when and I'll see what I can do :-)

Any takers for a new meet up in Montpellier??

Just to keep you all informed, there is still a choice of 2 places Ed is going to see. We just need to finalising which venue, he’s on the spot talking to the two we thought would be most appropriate, so it should be either Mesdames Messieurs or l’Acolyte, both off the North side of the Pde la C. Follow the progress on the Event Listing and don’t forget to click the RSVP option at the top!

Sounds great, Miles ! Hope you and Annette are doing really well - look forward to the meet up !

If we're a lot of people, there's a really friendly place I go to a lot called "Chez Boris" it's the first of the bar/resto/brasserie's on the esplanade just a little way up and on the opposite side from the Tourist information centre (polygone end). It has great wine and some apero type nibbles - it's not cheap, but really nice atmosphere.

Any other suggestions very welcome though - there are so many lovely wine bars here.

See you soon!


Keep me posted on where and exactly when…I’m going to try to make the meet up…Bisous!