Mélenchon and the Middle East

He’s a terrible old creep


Having read the article, twice, I think the journalist is bit of a loony too.


Remember seeing him attack the police when they searched his premises, on the news. Thug immediately sprung to mind.

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I think I’m finding that increasingly the case.

I don’t read the right-wing press, but assume they’re unreliable, biassed and tendentious. I think the problem is that the centre and left-wing press, presumably in an attempt to counter that, have gone the same way. I don’t even know how far they’ve gone, because I’m less sensitive to bias in media where the views partly match my own.

We’re all guilty of that I’d guess. And the algorithms of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube et al all use that. They try and get people into a self reinforcing spiral down some rabbit hole. The longer people read, the more ads they see and the more money Zuckerberg and Nick Clegg make :frowning:

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Mélenchon’s a political dinosaur, who’s increasingly out of touch with the modern left, which is why Nupes has now burst apart . He’s a last century, old school hard socialist, someone whose politics haven’t evolved with the times and he’s now entrapped by that stance.

AI generated pics really as creepy as hell aren’t they :flushed::scream: that foot… that face…

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