I have a particular favourite cook book, 'European Peasant Cookery' by Elizabeth Luard. In that book I have lots of sheets of paper where I have written down my variations of things in the book plus loads of other things I have come across that I feel belong with hers. I have carefully written down (well, my handwriting and careful never lived in the same universe) ingredients, times to leave to stand, proof or whatever and cooking and cooling times. So far so good.

What I have not done in many, perhaps most, instances is put a heading of some kind to say what they are! It is easy with some things like haddock, leeks and potatoes alone tell me it is cullen skink, but far too many others leave me no further clues on that it is sweet (cake or dessert) or savoury. I cannot remember for the life of me what many of them are now.

Who else has done similar? If you are going to suggest that I cook them all bit by bit to identify them, well some I shall for sure but there is an awful lot.

Blimey!!! For a moment I thought it was you who had a blown pipe. Probably not good in your state of health, if you know what I mean !!! Pity I'm not closer. I'm a dab hand with the old stilsons & oxy acetylene torch. Good luck

Bugger everything! Just discovered a blown pipe (probably last night) off to the local brico for some stuff - nice job in the dark by the time I get home after school pick up. Life just gets MORE errr...

Go for it!! Your income is much more important than my curiosity. Bugger energy food, lets 'ave summat tasty;-)

Nah, thinking more about the 750cc under your rear and energy food... As it is, I am writing a proposal for a piece of work (it's de money, m'boy) and then I'll run a couple past you. I'll take ones with 'headings' so that you know what they are to begin with.

Brian, my adolescent humour seems to have derailed your thread, whoops!! I for one, as a wannabe cook, would be pleased to hear about some of your recipes that you think might appeal to me. It would be interesting to see if you can match a recipe or two to the person you think I am. I think (no, I know) I have just set myself up for possible a p*ss take but I can take it. Do yer worst;-)


I knew her well when I was a pheasant plucker's mate ;-)

As in 'pheasant plucker's daughter' do you mean?

Where do you get your peasants Brian, they're a bit thin on the ground up north?