Menopause and testosterone

Hi I am coming to the end of a dark tunnel so I thought perhaps I would try here as a possibility for help. I have had chronic fatigue for 4 years and every possible test for sleep apnea, epilepsy, silent migraines, ME brain scans, blood tests and all normal but this tiredness is so debilitating. Some time ago I saw a program on the menopause - I am 60, and it seems this feeling they called brain fog can be treated with something called Androfeme which contains testosterone. I immediately went to see my gynecologist who told me they dont perscribe testosterone for women on any account in France. I had a blood test done for DHEA/testosterone. My levels are OK for my age 60 years, but according to British medicales I can be helped with a very small amount of testosterone. In France the equivalent medicine called Androtardly is only perscribed for men. I have been on all the sites/ Harley street cliniques etc in England but they have so many conditions ie sending info to my GP (in fance nope! ) their insurance doesn’t cover Skype sessions unless done on UK soil. I have now come to a full stop and justifiably tired! I can get DHEA as a supplement easily but is it safe. I would appreciate any help as I am at a loss. I guess I need to know how to get a prescription for Androfeme. The cliniques dont mind if I get my brother to send it from his UK address its just the insurance and prescriptions. Ahh!

You don’t know for sure whether testosterone will be the magic solutions for you uoi? So I wonder whether you need to take a step back to take a step forward as ask for a referral to an endocrinologist? They will look at things differently from a gynaecologist and perhaps more holistically?

If not then start saving your pennies for a trip by to the Uk and a private consultation?


Sounds highly risky to self-medicate with this kind of stuff. There are horror stories and I would not remote-medicate from the UK.

As Jane says it sounds like your best bet is to find the very best endocrinologist in France and get a consultation. They’ll redo the tests unfortunately.

Was there nothing that appeared to coicide with it starting? And nothing causes any change.?

Maybe try not medicating, plenty of studies linking changing dietry patterns can help.

Lots more and written by women for women.

Also if your testosterone levels are ok taking a suppliment means your body will reduce its own production as it tightly controls the hormone levels, that doesnt mean people will not take your money!


Self diagnosis is dangerous especially when you are desperate for an answer, To me the issues sound like they could be menopausal, have you had HRT itself? As Jane says ask to see an endocrinologist and get some proper answers