Mental Fitness for Horse Lovers

I am a dressage addict, and although I love watching classical riders put their horses through their paces I often find my own performance sadly lacking. It is definitely NOT the fault of my horse - when Sylvia Loch rides him everything looks so perfect and effortless.

One thing I have learnt over the years is that mental fitness is as important as physical fitness for horse riders. Knowing how to cope with frustration, fear of failure and loss of one’s riding-confidence can make riding so much more enjoyable for both ourselves and our horses.

I have just finished a 7 part e-course called 7 secrets of supremely self-confident riders (free to SFN members) - it is sort of in “beta” phase, and I wondered if any-one would be willing to subscribe to it and give me some feed-back about the contents. Please let me know if there are any hick-ups and if the free e-books are appropriate. I always wonder if people actually read free e-books or if they end up gathering dust somewhere in a Document file. I tried to choose ones of interest to horse people like the Art of Taming and Training Arabians, Horse Riding for Dummies, How to buy a Horse, Black Beauty etc. I also hope the self-help e-books like Guaranteed Success, Never enough Time etc. hit the spot. There is also Yoga for beginners and For the love of Chocolate, both I hope of interest to horse lovers.

I do advertise my residential workshops and my own e-book in the course- is the advertising too much or too pushy?

Your opinion and advice would mean a lot to me. The course is available here: Http:// or from my blog at


This sounds really interesting. I will also have a look when I get a minute.

On the flip side, I also find that riding improves my mental fitness or at least my mental state…

Well done on only having one down BTW! Cx