Message to all second home owners currently in France

British Embassy Paris posted a video on their facebook page yesterday telling UK nationals who are not resident in france , ie in their second homes, to go back to UK now ‘while commercial transport operating’.

Which I took subtext to mean don’t expect UK gov’t to get you back later.

People have suggested that this is also an insurance issue, if foreign office is advising against travel now your insurance will not be valid.


Sod 'em. They should have gone home already, in fact weeks ago. Have the not noticed there’s a pandemic on?


I know a couple who’ve not gone home, whilst it is their choice I do wonder what the attitude of medical staff would be should they fall ill and whether the EHIC cover would suffice for any treatment.

It doesn’t normally achieve didly squat!

Generally in an emergency hospitals here will treat you and ask questions later. But good luck getting a GP appointment or prescription for antibiotics at the moment if you are non-resident. And if there was a need to triage patients and you had choice between person with CV and one without I guess I know which the docs/nurses would choose to treat…

A young family member arrived in France, before ‘lockdown’ became a daily word!
Transport back to UK was hard to find, selling out very quickly, regardless of searching day and night! All the family decided it would be less stressful/safer for him to stay in France until…
Thankfully he is strong and healthy so hopefully will not need the services of a hospital :pray::crossed_fingers:


I am quite sure that in an emergency you would get treated. This would be the same in the UK for non residents there.
There is an awful lot of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) being dished out on this forum at the moment.
It helps no one and may be causing stress that people really don’t need.


When I came back to France early and had to buy a new ticket I struggled to find availability and tickets were pricy. But when I finally got on the trains they were empty! Basically it was also impossible to cancel a ticket either as online systems had crashed, so transport full of mythical passengers. Crazy.

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Should UK non-residents be here though?

@PeterJ. The UK embassy presumably were giving out this message for a reason…

And of course normally all emergencies are treated, but you can’t bank on normalmedical services being available in your area right now.

Rationally I’d say no but you can see how individuals might decide otherwise.

Did that apply to the French and English parts of the journey?

So I take it the same advice is being given to French non residents currently in the UK
Having owned a house here for 7 years, spend several months here each year paying all the relevant house taxes, employing local tradesmen, spending in restaurants shops etc, so contributing to the economy, just to be cast aside. I understand about putting extra strain on wherever you happen to be. But what about reports of many French residents leaving the cities to flock to their holiday homes to try to escape. Brittany stated that there were water shortages owing to the influx of second home owners. It is more a case of respecting the current rules for staying at home rather than decrying other people.


I think most countries including France are trying to get their citizens to come home by what ever means possible in order to reduce the strain on the local health services. Here in 17 there is a huge police and army presence this weekend to stop people travelling to their holiday homes but unfortunately many 0000’s arrived as soon as the restrictions were announced and this has caused much resentment among the permanent population.

I was in London, so only UK bit was the tube journey to Kings Cross! The rest was a complicated set of train, RER, train, train, and bus connections… took 12 hours to do a journey that normally takes about 6.

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Thanks Jane.
Flight from Bordeaux to London 17.30 hrs…via Venice :astonished: then complications from Heathrow if local transport is not running :thinking:

The message was very simple. The UK government, through the British Embassy in Paris has asked all non French residents to return to the U.K. It has nothing to do with what the French government has said to its citizens. From a French healthcare point of view I’m sure that they would prefer that British second home owners follow that advice as the complications of dealing with a large number of people who are not registered will only add to the pressure that they are experiencing. However many restaurant meals and shopping trips that you have had while on holiday in your maison secondarie is if no consequence. It’s not a case of being cast aside.


Bordeaux to Paris 2h 30, and Paris to London 2h 15…with 90 minutes or so between trains. May not be good connections now, but it was a good route.

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I would have done the same as you rather than be stranded in London :+1:

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And do bear in mind that the french residents are also paying income tax and health cover… but still the french government is asking them not to travel, not to overload rural services and not to spread the virus further. So entirely reasonable to me that the UK gov’t want people to go home, and the fact that you pay for your second home is neither here not there.