Meta fined. Not enough, not half enough

Despite Ireland being the supposed European HQ for many “tech” companies (mostly for tax reasons) and thus responsible for EU wide regulation of these slippery companies, the Irish data commissioner is a weak disaster, She’s very stroppy in defending her own job but her and her minuscule team are no match for the MNC’s shister, legal Rottweilers.

After the she (no doubt pressured by a Government addicted to the low tax corporate tax gravy train) came up with a minor slap on the wrist, the EU (thank goodness) stepped in.

Maybe she and the Irish Government, with its long standing (“ah sure it’s grand”) approach to regulation, have learned a lesson. These companies are dangerous.

There is no doubt that I agree with all you say and link above, John, but must protest at the 2nd slur on Rottweilers in as many days. I am joking of course but it is an established fact that these dogs are a wonderfully friendly, gentle and and devoted breed but, like all other breeds, and I do mean all, can be trained to do nasty things. However, I have been bitten by a few dogs, but never by a Rottie or that other much maligned creature, a Dobie.

Just saying. :wink: :grinning: