Mice in kitchen

Just saw our cat frantically trying to get under the cooker and then found mice dropping in a kitchen drawer.

Any recommendation on how to get rid of them (the mice not the cat!) ??

Mouse trap? :smiley:

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Morning Nigel

We have mouse problems now and again.

I use the sachets of poison that you can buy in the supermarket.

Place them out of the way of children and pets. I put them under the cupboards and behind the facia.

Always seems to work

Good luck


You need a couple of these

They work very well and pose no danger to anyone else. I have a couple, they have lasted well, seem to be infallible and aren’t lethal.

I don’t use poison because you never know where it will end up in the food chain, and also the creature always dies somewhere inaccessible and there’s an appalling smell for a while while it decomposes.


Yes, we’ve a little metal one like that. It’s worked well.

Bait with chocolate not cheese


Peanut butter is even better


Bait with Nutella?

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I second this Vero! Poison is cruelly painful and slow :pleading_face:.

Doubly cruel if it gets inside a cat.

Trap and release, as @Bonzocat has being valiantly doing for a visiting bonanza of mice.

Or, a method I found most successful is to put tin foil behind/under the cupboards and anywhere you think the mice get in. They really don’t like it because they can’t patter about incognito.


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My favourite UB40 song!

Red, red wine?

Only if you play it really loud 24/7


That’s what I use, but I don’t use the live traps anymore since one became fatally injured with a broken back, too quick for his own good.

What I use now is called The Big Cheese, from Amazon.fr I think. You put 2 little batteries in it and when the mouse touches the 2nd of 2 metal plates it is instantaneously electrocuted

I know it is instantaneous because I saw a rat killed in a bigger rat version that you plug into the mains.
Horrible but better than agonising injury.

Poisons, definitely not.

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No… too early in the morning for that. I’m still drinking tea!

It was a poor attempt at a joke… (Rat in my Kitchen)

Or were you suggesting to use it as bait? I’m not sure mice drink wine though.

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Rat, who mentioned rat.

And the mice feeel hot and stagger outside to die and poison carrion eating birds and local dogs. There really is enough poison in the world!
Please catch them and drown them, or release a long way away.

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Can’t happen with those blue and yellow ones.

How does it stop them escaping, is there not a trapdoor of some kind?

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It pivots when the rodent walks to the end of the tunnel, which causes the yellow door to slam shut. I presume it’s fairly weighted so the rodent can’t simply push it open from the inside.